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The healthcare and device industry is fragmented. Development costs continue to rise, competition continues to increase, and start-ups do not have access to necessary resources, mentorship, and capital needed to effectively commercialize.

Catchwind is a global community connecting device and technology companies with resources, mentors, and investors to bring healthcare solutions to market more cost and time effectively.

Catchwind also has a unique partnership with Incubology. Located in Oakdale, MN, our 40,000-square-foot facility provides access to clean rooms, wet and dry labs, and office space for startups. Incubology provides space for multiple disciplines including pharma, biotech, device, nanotechnology, chemical and IT industries.

The accelerator, membership and investment models have been tested and proven. Catchwind has combined these models to bridge the gap within the fragmented industry.

Catchwind has three different types of users

Technology Companies, device, health IT, wearables, pharmaceuticals, and other areas within healthcare around the world.

Resource Companies providing design, manufacturing, legal, development advice/access and other resources needed from concept to commercialization.

Investment Groups, ranging from organized funds to independent angel investors.

Who collectively interact with companies to expedite development of technologies to get to market faster and cheaper. We offer our technology companies access to experts enabling them to get the right answers to any problem during development through the entire lifecycle of the company. We are also able to help mitigate investment risk by working with investors to help structure companies, fill in leadership gaps, and provide guidance when needed.

Incubated Companies Spotlight

Vardas Inc. Logo

Vardas Inc. is developing revolutionary biofeedback wearables. Their products give users the ability to train their brain to reduce stress and anxiety, while also reducing the symptoms related to ADHD/ADD and autism. Furthermore, reducing the need for medication.

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ExpressionMed creates custom adhesives for diabetic infusion sets. We value adding choice to diabetic care routines by making adhesives to fit every interest and style.

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VEMR, Inc. specializes in technology that automates vaccine management. We understand the needs of providers and the barriers they face in inefficiency, increasing overhead and streamlining workflow. We have addressed burdensome requirements of the Vaccine for Children program to improve access for those children in greatest need.

Vardas Inc. Logo

Linking biomedical data across public and private data sources. While searching PubMed and Clinicaltrials.gov, users are often faced with the challenge of documenting their search, quickly identify the most pertinent information and linking clinical to literature information. Delve Health provides an end-to-end solution, allowing users search multiple databases at once, document their search activity, review citations and get access to full-text articles.

Expression Med Logo

Lab-Call helps clinics and pharmacies mitigate the risks associated with refrigerated vaccines, biologics and medications. The founders of Lab-Call developed the concept of the Lab-Call Fully Managed Service while observing issues within their own clinics.

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Developing the next generation of patient-centric auto-injectable devices to deliver a wide range of therapies for active patients around the world.

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